NDIS Support Coordinators - What is Support Cooordination?

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Navigating the world of NDIS can often seem like deciphering a complex puzzle. At CareCC, we're here to simplify that for you. Enter: Support Coordination.

So, what is Support Coordination?
Support Coordination is the bridge that connects you, the participant, with the essential supports and services tailored to your unique needs. Think of it as having a personal advocate ensuring your NDIS plan is fully realised, maximising its benefits for you.

At CareCC, we don’t just offer Support Coordination; we specialise in it. Our skilled team dives deep into understanding your goals and aspirations, making them the nucleus of our coordination efforts. Our holistic approach ensures that you are equipped not only with the right services but also with an empowered voice in the NDIS journey.

Getting Started with Support Coordinators at CareCC

1. Get in Touch

Contact CareCC via phone, email, or through our website to express your interest or inquire about our services. We will contact you to set a convenient time to discuss your specific needs, expectations, and how CareCC can assist you in your NDIS journey.

2. Referral Form

You can refer yourself or someone else to CareCC and we will get the process started to begin your onboarding with CareCC. 

3. Onboarding

This is your official Onboarding phase. You'll receive an email with information and links to forms and details for you to review and sign. Along with your Welcome Pack containing all necessary details about the services, and resources for your journey with CareCC.

4. Planning & Assessment

Our team reviews the information and assesses how best we can support you. So we can provide the required services and discuss the next steps for implementation.

5. Support Coordination Begins...

With everything in place, our dedicated support coordinators commence the tailored services, ensuring your needs are met, and goals, achieved.

6. Regular Reviews...

Regular reviews and feedback sessions to ensure the services align with your evolving needs and aspirations. We will monitor and celebrate every milestone achieved, adjusting plans and supports as necessary to ensure continuous progress.

Your Journey, Our Support

Starting with CareCC translates to embarking on a journey where your needs, goals, and aspirations are the focal point. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that every step is tailored to offering you a personalised, empowering, and enriching experience in your NDIS journey.

Contact CareCC today and step into a world where your potential is waiting to be unlocked, and every goal is within reach!

Why choose CareCC?
We pride ourselves on a client-centric philosophy. Our legacy lies in the countless success stories of individuals achieving their dreams, thanks to our bespoke support strategies. Whether it's unlocking community participation, enhancing life skills, or simply ensuring daily ease, CareCC stands beside you, championing your cause.

Feeling motivated to embark on this transformative journey? Start by completing our referral form. Join the CareCC family and witness how we make the complex world of NDIS as simple as ABC, all while putting YOU at the heart of everything.


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